St. Theresa's Information and Communications Technology Policy



St. Theresa's Information and Communication Technology Policy




Technology, when used effectively provides a unique and powerful opportunity to enhance student learning across the curriculum.




At St. Theresa’s we believe that:

  • The use of ICT is an integral part of our student’s education
  • The use of ICT within the curriculum should be a positive experience that will enable the student to develop confidence and a sense of achievement
  • That every child should have access to various digital technologies
  • The use of digital technologies in the curriculum enhances the child’s learning
  • Students require the necessary skills in order to function in our technologically changing world




At St Theresa’s we aim to:

  • Enhance learning opportunities through the routine use of technological devices
  • Develop functional ICT skills in all students and teachers
  • Give the children experience in the use of a range of technological devices
  • Create a supportive environment for the development of technological skills in students and teachers.
  • Keep up to date with ongoing technological change




  • We will endeavour to allocate sufficient funds to ensure the quality upkeep of computers and related technologies
  • An Information Technology coordinator will be appointed to help provide whole school direction in the use of Information Technology across the curriculum
  • All teachers and students have access to a range of technological devices to use within the school setting
  • It is an expectation that all staff seek and participate in professional development to further their knowledge and skills in ICT.
  • Relevant software will be purchased and updated when needed
  • All learning spaces have Interactive whiteboards to support the children’s learning
  • The school has a policy that details the appropriate use of Internet and email usage within the school
  • The school will maintain an up to date interactive website
  • Information Technology will be treated as an integral part of the curriculum.