Enrolment Forms

 Enrolment Forms are available upon request from the school office or by contacting Sally Patkin or Vivien Taylor in the Office at St Theresa's.


If you are enrolling your child/ren, you will need to complete the Enrolment Form which includes:


- Family Details

- Student Details

- Acceptable Use Agreement

- Photograph/Video Permission Form

- School Family Occupation Index


Along with the completed Enrolment Form, you will need to attach:


- Baptism Certificate (if applicable)

- Visa & Passport details (if applicable)

- latest school report if you child is transferring from another catholic, government or independent school

- Special Needs Education - please attach all relevant information needed for us to be able to best support your child in their learning

- EAL (English and Additional Language) (if applicable)

- Refugee or New Arrival (if applicable)

- Court Orders (if applicable)

- Medical Conditions to Allergies/Anaphylaxis (if applicable)


The Enrolment Form has a section relating to occupations which is required by the government. ou will be provided with a "School Family Occupation Index" to find the suitable codes which apply to you to complete this section.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Macklin


St Theresa's Primary School

Phone: 9311 9070

Email: principal@stalbion.catholic.edu.au



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