With children using the Internet more independently and frequently these days, it is important that as parents you monitor and supervise what your child is accessing on the Internet. We strongly encourage parents to ensure their child is not 'surfing the net' alone and that they are supervised at all times. The above website from the Australian Government offers suggestions and advice to parents on keeping their children safe on the Internet.





St Theresa's has achieved creditiation as an eSmart school.


Cybersafety will be addressed throughout the year in all grade levels.  Each class teaches 2 specific cybersafety lessons per term as well as addressing any issues that crop up during the year.


Our Buddy program (prep and Grade 6) works at ensuring the transition of our Prep children into the school environment be as seamless as possible.  The buddies provide a friendly face and someone for the young children to turn to if needed.  It builds a relationship of trust and security with the confines of the school community.

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